Monday, 8 February 2010

Musical Recommendation!


So when I started this blog, the whole point in it was to write down the various film and music inspirations I have, and also to document when I find a new film/band to shout about. This is going to be my first music post, and i'm going to recommend a band that are quite well known, but possibly only in 'Metal' circles. Today, i'm blogging about Mastodon!

Mastodon are a band I found through their Lifesblood EP in about 2003. I remember going to see them at Northumbria Uni a year later and being suitably impressed at their metal sound, with mystic roots hidden underneath to give it a distinct sound. While the Lifesblood EP was very noisy and heavy, it was with their debut album Remission that I noticed an undercurrent of noise that I had not heard in a band. I'm not usually a 'metal' fan, and I often prefer something a little more jolly. However Mastodon mixed the heavy with this new sound, evident on a song such as March of the Fire Ants which I just liked. With each progressive album, their sound has evolved and they have continued to be an amazing live band too, and i'm hopefully off to see them in a couple of weeks. Following this is short reviews and information about all their albums.


The beginning of it all. A very loud and agressive EP, but with little of the progression that would come later.


The first album, including classic songs such as March of the Fire Ants. An epic start, with hints towards the edginess to come.


Second album, still very metal but with some subtle prog rock going on.

Blood Mountain

The Third album, where Mastodon started to get noticed and picked up upon. Contains an almost Eastern influence going on, mixing metal grooves alongside some strange instrumentals. My favourite album too.

Crack the Skye

The latest and fourth album. Nice mix of progressive rock with metal bits. A definite progression in sound, just need more time to get into it.

Monday, 1 February 2010

00 Heaven Part 1

One of my housemates recently acquired the 007 James Bond complete box set for Christmas, and having not seen the films in a good few years (They are my Dad's favourites so they were always on in my house when I was younger) I have decided to watch them all in order. Bond films have always had a special place in history, and also showcase the time they were shot better than most other series of films. I have no strong feelings towards the series, which gives me the chance to look at them without bias. As this blog is here to cover such stuff, i'm going to review them all in order here too. First up, is Dr No.

  • Title: Dr No
  • Year of Release: 1962
  • Bond Actor: Sean Connery
  • Bond Girl: Ursula Andress
  • Corniest Line: "You'll pay for this! You'll all pay for this, you rats!" 'Photographer'

Dr No started it all, and is a very interesting film for the different characters brought into the film. James Bond is introduced as a Suave, womanising and heavy drinking agent, and is at his most sexist during the early films. Despite this, Sean Connery comes across as very likeable as Bond, and you definitely root for him through the whole film. He is assisted by Ursula Andress, and 'that' bikini scene that set the tone for Bond Girls to come. She plays the part well, but theres a sense she's really only there for a bit of 'totty' and her character is never really fully developed, merely a love interest for Mr Bond.

The character of Quarrel is never fully explored either, and his death scene is pretty redundant as he just sort of disappears. Dr No himself is well acted, but I can't help thinking that a part written for a man of oriental descent would be better with that, instead of a Canadian as in this film. He does seem crazy though, which is necessary for the evil megalomanics of the James Bond world.

Overall, I enjoyed Dr No, and think it is a good start to the Bond series. Sean Connery sets the tone well for whats to come, and the film is full of action and suspense.

Next film to be reviewed is From Russia To Love :)

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Hello :)

Welcome to my first blog! I just decided to start one of these as I have many random musings of things. Expect me to talk about life, music, movies and general happenings that carry on throughout my life. I'll also post up random pictures I have took, and just generally discuss aspects of the media and world news that pop up as time goes on. So this is kind of a diary, with added reviews and stuff as and when they come along. So enjoy, and i'll add my first proper post to this soon :)